Software Maintenance

Updated April 19, 2024

Your software maintenance period will commence from the date you placed your order. Once your software maintenance expires, you will no longer have access to receive technical support or software updates.

If your license is perpetual, you can use your software into perpetuity. This means, the product will continue to operate the same way as it does before and after the maintenance period expires.

Renewing your software maintenance is completely optional and can be renewed in advance of your maintenance expiration to ensure uninterrupted access to the support and software updates.

If you want to renew the maintenance for your software, you will be required to pay the 30% of the price of your license at the time of renewal. The new term will commence from the date of next, or previous, expiration.

Find your status.

Determine the term of your existing maintenance, and whether you might qualify to renew it, by locating its expiration in one of:

  • Menu Help | About
  • Email with your latest serial number

If your expiration date is in the future, you are within your term of maintenance.

License Expiration Date:   Lifetime

Maintenance End Date:   

Download the latest build of software and continue the benefits included with your most recent purchase.

If your maintenance expired less than one year ago, you might qualify to renew maintenance.

Maintenance End Date:   

If you prefer not to renew your license, you may continue to use the last version that was available while your license key was still valid. Please note: Only the latest version is available for download and there is no access to older versions.

If your maintenance expired more than one year ago, you may be eligible for a discount from our sales team for a new license purchase. You can buy a new license and restart the benefits of maintenance.

Contact us for your options.

CHANGES TO THIS Software Maintenance

We may update this Software Maintenance from time to time to reflect changes in our practices or to comply with applicable laws. If we make material changes to this Software Maintenance, we will notify you by email or by posting a notice on our website.