MSG EML Viewer for Outlook

MSG Viewer

All-in-one viewer to browse your .msg and .eml files. Support for files from Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Gmail, Apple Mail, Windows Mail and etc.

  • Opens a single email file or directory with thousands of email files
  • Easily open and extract attachments and attached emails
  • HEX analysis of email headers and all message properties
  • Boolean search, Outlook-style filtering, Instant search
  • Reply and Forward email files using your default email client

MSG Viewer Portable Version (.zip) - No installation required

EML MSG Viewer for Outlook

When to use MSG EML File Viewer

Preview MSG File

Open emails and attachments

If you can't preview .msg or .eml files in Windows Explorer, MSG Viewer makes it easy to open, read, and reply to messages without Outlook. View, search, and organize all your emails, contacts, and attachments just like in Outlook:

  • Display HTML, RTF, or plain text messages
  • Browse and view email files along with attachments
  • Open healthy as well as corrupted .msg files
  • Reply, or Forward messages using your default email client
  • Share attachments with others using the printing and exporting features
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Search MSG Files

Search MSG and EML files

MSG Viewer’s search box is a powerful tool to help you search content and attachments of your email files. In addition to searching for different words, phrases and date range, advanced search allows you to use various boolean operators, punctuation and keywords to narrow your search results.

  • Scans both email messages and attached emails
  • Review highlighted keywords so you don't need to look for the search criteria
  • Search in subject, body, attachments, sender name, recipients, size and etc.
  • Highly efficient search algorithms, you spend less time waiting for results
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Filtering MSG Files

Built-in search filters

MSG Viewer for Outlook provides you with a number of built-in search filters. To use the built-in filters, right click on the column header and select Filtering. Based on your preference, you can use Advanced Search and built-in search filters at the same time.

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HEX Analysis of MSG File

HEX Analysis of MSG Files

Any properties that are present on the Message object, including Attachment objects, are also present in the MSG file.

MSG specifies five storage elements, each representing one major component of the Message object and a number of streams are contained within those storages, each stream representing a property (or a set of properties) of that component.

The storages are: Recipient object storage, Attachment object storage, Embedded Message object storage, Custom attachment storage, Named property mapping storage.

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Standalone & Installer versions

MSG Viewer can be used as a portable application or installed as a Windows application. The software doesn't require Microsoft Outlook to be installed on the PC.

Advanced Search Option

Based on your preference, use Instant Search or Advanced Search with various search keywords to narrow your search criteria for better searches in .msg and .eml files.

Filter and Sort Emails

MSG Viewer provides you with a number of built-in grid search filters. Sort, arrange and group your .eml and .msg files in a way that's helpful to you.

Digital Forensic Analysis

Instant access to headers and all MAPI properties. Investigate and analyze suspicious emails secure with the MSG Viewer forensics tool.

Multi-language Support

Support for various encoding settings to correctly display regional characters (such as ü, ä, ø, etc.) and Asian language characters.

Browse Large Number of Emails

Reading and searching .eml and .msg files in parallel allows you to preview emails and large attachments without freezing while the folder is loading.

Multiple Preview Modes

Show the message in its original format, whether it's HTML, plain text, or rich text. Ability to open emails in a new window or the entire message folder in a single view.

Easy To Customize

Horizontal View Mode, Vertical View Mode, Off View Mode: each of these mode is designed to make it easier to find, open, and manage emails.

MSG and EML file Converter

Convert MSG to EML, MSG to HTML, EML to MSG, and EML to HTML file format. The resulting files contain most of the message data, including attachments.

Single or Multiple Email(s) Selection

Open, view, print, move, copy, delete, reply or forward single email or multiple emails at once. Lets you open, save any or all attachments that are in your emails.

Open Email Files with One Click

The MSG Viewer can be set as the default application for .msg and .eml files to open, read and search for e-mail files on your hard drive, network share or USB drive.

Easy To Use

Flat design for a sleek and usable interface that focuses on what's important - email.

How it works?

Step 1: Launch MSG EML Viewer for Outlook and select the folder with the email files in the Navigation pane.

MSG Viewer for Outlook See All Screenshots


Home License

Personal Use Only

  • Open MSG file without Outlook
  • View MSG file with Attachments
  • Scan and View Corrupt MSG File
  • Filter and Sort Emails
  • Multiple Preview Modes
  • Support Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, etc.

Business License

For Organizations and Business Entities

  • Includes all features of Home
  • Advanced Search Options
  • Instant Search Results
  • Search attached emails
  • Repairing Corrupted MSG File
  • MSG file Converter
  • Forensic Analysis of MSG File

Citrix/TS License

Concurrent Users (CCU)

  • Includes all features of Business
  • Improved scanning and saving speed
  • Concurrent-user simultaneously accessing the Software on Citrix/TS computer

Technical Specifications

Product Icon

About Product

MSG EML Viewer
Version: 4.06
License: Named User, Single/Concurrent Use
Interface Languages: English, German, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil)
Release Date: March, 2023
Download: Portable and Installer versions.
System Requirements

System Requirements

Processor: Intel-compatible (x86, x64)
Memory: 1 GB minimum (4 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 50 MB for installation files
Operating System: Microsoft® Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
Prerequisites: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.2 or later

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Searching inside MSG and EML files

There are a few ways you can search content and attachments of MSG and EML files. Instant search, Built-in filters and Advanced boolean search helps you quickly find emails in .msg and .eml files without Outlook.

Sort and group email files and messages

Sort, arrange and group your email files and messages in a way that's helpful to you. For example, group by the name of the sender or the recipient and sort by the date of the email message, its size, and other options.

Boolean Search Syntax

This guide explains boolean search operators, functions and wildcards (AND, OR, NOT, ALL, ATLEASTONE, NEITHER, NOTALL, ?, *)