MSG Viewer

MSG Viewer

MSG Viewer is a portable viewer and file manager for Microsoft Outlook .msg files or .eml files. View, search, organize and print email messages, appointments, contacts, tasks without Outlook.
Supported file formats: .msg files created by Microsoft Outlook, Exchange Server and other email applications, .eml files created by Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Lotus Notes, Groupwise.

Don't have Microsoft Outlook installed on your PC but want to open MSG file?

MSG Viewer doesn't require MAPI or Microsoft Outlook to be installed on the target computer. It can be used as portable version or installed as the default Windows application for .msg or .eml files. Once installed, you can open the .msg or .eml file by simply clicking on it. MSG Viewer offers the option to open single message file or entire message folder in a single view.

If you want to investigate and analyze the data of MSG file which you have received, then download MSG Viewer software and find out all the hidden information of MSG file and analyze the complete information from MAPI properties with the help of MSG file reader software.

MSG Viewer

MSG Viewer can open, view, print, move, copy, delete, reply or forward multiple emails at once or individual email. Show the email in its original format, whether it's html, plain text, or rich text. Easy to open or extract attachments: clicking on the attachment file name open the document in its native application (e.g. open a .zip file in WinZip, or .pdf file in Adobe Reader).

MSG Viewer

Numerous messages can be selected using the standard ctrl-left click and shift-left click commands. MSG Viewer also lets you save any attachments that are on your emails. Select the email of your choice that has an attachment you wish to save, and select "Save Attachments" from the "File" menu button.

Search Function

Having all of your email available isn't really worthwhile if you can't find what you want. Fortunately, MSG Viewer has a great search function. MSG Viewer lets you search a directory of .msg and .eml files to find email files that match your search criteria.

Enter the search query you want in the Quick Search box and press Enter. After the search is performed, only matching entries are displayed.

MSG Viewer

Click "x" to clear the search results and show the contents of the entire folder.

Advanced Search

To enable advanced search open Search Options and select "Enable boolean search". Boolean searches allow you to combine words and phrases using the words AND, OR and NOT to limit, widen, or define your search.

MSG Viewer

Boolean Search Operators

  • The Boolean search operator AND is equal to the "&" symbol.
  • The Boolean search operator OR is equal to the "|" symbol.
  • The Boolean search operator NOT is equal to the "!" symbol.


Using AND narows a search by combining terms; it will retrieve emails that use both the search terms you specify, as in this example:

  • July & Discount

Using OR broadens a search to include results that contain either of the words you type in.

  • July | August

Using NOT will narrow a search by excluding certain search terms.

  • !July

You can always combine multiple search strategies to focus your search to ensure that you find just the emails you want. Here are some examples of more complex searches.

  • (July | August) & Discount
  • July & (!Discount)

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