Purchase FAQ

All products are distributed electronically. Customer receives a receipt with download instructions by e-mail.


  1. Can I use a Home License at work?
    Yes, but you must buy the license with personal funds, you cannot be reimbursed for it, and you must be the only user of your software. When you finish using PST Walker software at work, uninstall the software and "take" the license with you.
  2. Can I use a company's License at home?
    Yes, if your company permits the practice, and you are the only user of your license at work and home.


  1. Can I purchase via PayPal or bank transfer?
    Yes, begin the process by choosing payment method PayPal or bank transfer on purchase page.

    ATTENTION: all orders placed with payment via bank transfer will be processed only upon receipt of payment, under no circumstances will be processed earlier. The average time for receiving a bank transfer is 3-4 business days.
  2. Is VAT included in the prices?
    No, all prices are quoted exclusive of VAT. The final price of software may be subject to sales tax depending upon your residence.
  3. Can I purchase through a reseller?
    Yes, contact us if you need the name of a reseller in your country, or ask your regular reseller to contact us.
  4. What shall I do if my credit card is declined?
    Contact us for an alternate form of payment. (We will not know the reason your card was declined.)
  5. Can I get a receipt?
    Yes, contact us with your order number.
  6. Can I get a quantity discount?
    We provide a discount in some circumstances, e.g. when procuring a large quantity. If you think you might qualify, describe your circumstances when you request a quote.
  7. Can I obtain a history of my purchases?
    Yes, contact us with your request.
  8. What is your refund policy?
    Considering the nature of data recovery products that tend to be used only once, we cannot offer a full and immediate refund to our customers. Customers are expected to review their eligibility before purchasing.